Sometimes, the status of an AePS cash withdrawal transaction might be "Refund" but the amount gets deducted from the customer's account.

In such cases, usually the amounts gets credited automatically to the customer's bank account directly in the next 3-4 working days.So we advise you to wait for a few days.In case it does not happen automatically, please ask the customer to go to his bank, get his passbook updated at the bank, show the entry from his passbook and raise a chargeback for the given transaction with the bank authority.The bank will re-route the amount and credit back to the customer's account in the next few days.

Also, you can share the passbook first page and the entry page with us and we can get it checked at our level with our bank.If our bank confirms us of having received the funds, the refund will be initiated at our bank and the customer should receive the money in the nenxt 7 working days.If the amount is not with our bank, then the chargeback that the customer has raised with his bank will help him get the money.

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